Friday, May 6, 2011

White People Problems

Alright, guys, this blog is about to get 2000 percent more awesome.

Among my efforts towards counter-religious-apologetics, science, and that sort of thing, I will also now be advertising for my rock/folk band, tentatively titled "The Tim Tations" (officially T3, but the inside joke is that T3 stands for "The Tim Tations"). Our new EP (called "White People Problems") is coming out very, very soon, and in preparation for it, we've released the first single, "Mandy," which you can view for free right here!

Enjoy (or don't)!

We actually have over 200 songs written and recorded (slightly less, not counting covers), but I'll mostly be uploading new material here (for promotion's sake). Most of our EPs are priced very low or free (this one will be free), so you don't have to worry about your wallet, you can just dig the tunes~

With this new material to cover, I will also be updating much more frequently. Check back every week or so and keep your eye out for new material!

--Tim D.

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