Sunday, May 8, 2011

White People Problems RELEASED, and a Funny Story About "Mandy"

Alright, folks --- the new EP is out and about and ready to go; you can download it here right now :D

Here are the details again:

White People Problems {28:31}

Track listing:

1. Sociohypochondriac {1:31}
2. Mandy {2:09}
3. I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred cover) {2:34}
4. Unforgivable/Interlude {3:28}
5. Proximity Love {3:47}
6. White People Problems {3:50}
7. Miss McIntyre {3:04}
8. The White People Convention {4:04}
*bonus track just for lols*
9. Dry Ice - acoustic - (Green Day cover) {4:04}

Lyrics and cover art are in the rar file. If there are any problems with the download, let me know and I'll re-upload it somewhere else (I tried megaupload this time, but it kept telling me "an error occurred, try again later," so I went with sendspace again). It'll be up for free on sendspace for 30 days; after that, you can contact me personally and I'll send it to you, still free :D

For those concerned, the operative genre here is "folk/party rock."

If you're still concerned about whether or not you want to waste the time to download it, you can check out my earlier post, where I have a link to the song "Mandy" on youtube, so you can get a short preview of what kind of material we're dealing with. Or, you could check out this song, "The White People Convention," with drums played by a REAL white guy!

Oh, and that reminds me; I passed out some demo copies before the EP was finished (just had the first 5 or 6 songs on it) to some of my "real life" friends, just to get some opinions (I was kinda uncertain about it while I was working on it), and so several of the people I work with asked me for one. So I passed out a couple at work.

So in the song "Mandy," there's a line where I say, "Those killer tats/I want her bad," as a reference to this girl's back tattoo. Well, I gave a copy of the unfinished EP (with "Mandy" on it) to this other girl I work with in the evenings (she usually comes in right as I'm leaving), and she happened to be friends with my manager who was on shift that day, so they both listened to it that night. The next day they came in and told me they really liked the song "Mandy" (which was cool, cuz I originally wasn't gonna put it on there, it was more of an afterthought; I just liked it too much to throw it out so I threw it on there). I was all confident and happy about that; even though nobody seemed to care for the rest of it (I got some mixed reviews, to say the least), there was at least one song that everybody seemed to like, and that was good enough for me~

I even sent a copy to the lady about whom I'd originally written the song --- not for the obvious reasons, but rather because I felt like it was sort of unfair to write a song about her and not give her a copy of it, ya know? That's the kind of thing I'd want to know, if someone wrote a song about me. We used to work together, anyway, so I figured if I didn't send it to her, then she'd eventually find out from someone else through the grapevine eventually, anyway.

So just the other day (this all happened like a week ago), as I'm finishing up my duties and getting ready to leave, this girl I work with says to me, "yeah, do I know this 'Mandy?'" And I was kind of a little embarrassed so I jokingly said, "Um, shut up!" But it was really obvious that it was the same Mandy. So she says, "I like the lyrics, though." And I'm like, "aw sweet! That's cool, thanks!" At about this time my GM is coming around the corner, followed by like three other people I work with, all of whom personally know the Mandy in question. So then this girl says, "Like where you're singing about'assets?'" And all of a sudden, everyone in the room turns to look at me. And I'm just like, "Whaaaa?!"

I mean, it's not that far-out or anything, but I know for a fact that I didn't write anything about her "assets," so I'm kind of confused. And also, everyone else is looking at me like, "Oh, so THAT's why he always liked her so much," etc. etc. Because frankly, this chick has fairly huge boobs.....huge, delicious boobs....but um, anyway, yeah, it fit with the assumption.

But I said, "Huh? There's nothing like that in there...." And she sang me back the line, "Those killer tits I wanna bang?" And it immediately hit me: She'd misheard my line, "Those killer tats, I want her bad." But it was too late; everyone in the room had already heard what she'd said, and there was no time to correct it.

Long story short, I had to go around to everyone one at a time, explaining (wherever so prompted) that, while I cannot confirm the truth or falsehood of the notion that I would be content to bang Mandy's titties, that was *not* the intention behind the lyrics I wrote.

Nobody really cared except for me, but I was kinda trying to go with the "good, clean love song" vibe, so you may understand why it struck me as odd. I explained that I wouldn't write that about someone and then pass it around publicly --- if I was gonna write something explicit like that, I'd keep the names off of it and make it more vague and poetic, so that only the person I wrote it for would recognize it.

All in all it was pretty funny; I got a free chance to pimp my music (most people I work with didn't even know that I wrote music until this little mishap got around), and I also got a free chance (that I would not normally have gotten) to openly profess my feelings for this lady :D

Now, if only she hadn't already rejected me like six months ago, shortly after the song was originally written....:o But yeah. It all worked out great after all, cuz now I have a funny story to include on the next album jacket (or something)!


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