Thursday, August 25, 2011

New T3 Album Drops Today: The Black Box Dilemma

So T3 has been hard at work in the studio cutting this rough-around-the-edges new folkcore (that's what I call folk + hardcore!) album, called The Black Box Dilemma. It's 14 tracks, 45 minutes and 45 seconds long, and messier than sloppy seconds. And even better, you can download it here for free!

The track listing is as follows:

01: Once Upon A Time {1:26}
02: Countdown {2:11}
03: The Black Box Dilemma (Part I) {3:02}
04: Words To You {4:36}
05: Pearls Before Swine {2:52}
06: Dr. Damned {2:57}
07: I'm Going Home {2:24}
08: Untitled (Sell My Soul) {3:14}
09: Admit It {3:25}
10: The Black Box Dilemma (Part II) {2:46}
11: One-Way Affair
12: Revenge of the Pigs {3:44}
13: The Black Box Dilemma (Part III - Reprise) {6:52}
14: The Prince and the Raven {3:33}

The file is in .rar format, and the lyrics and inserts are included! I'll be uploading some favorite tracks off this one at some point in the next couple of days; all-time favorites include I'm Going Home, The Prince and the Raven, and Black Box Part III!

Enjoy (or don't)!


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